I saw this idea about a year ago. I would say it was on Pinterest but I just found Pinterest this summer.  So unfortunately, I can not give the original site credit. However, I have seen this on quite a few sites now.  A 13 minute omelet?! How wonderful is that?

I must say it is really easy! Really tasty! And way less mess. Only issue “I” have had is that there is too much liquid. Don’t seem to see that as a problem in any of the comments. My guess is it is the ingredients I used (spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes). Yes I know! All have a high liquid content. Go figure.

I think I would make these everyday if it weren’t for the uncertainty of the heated plastic.  Every once in a while I am ok, but every day makes me a little nervous.  I have read quite a few studies and some worry me, then the others put me to ease, then they worry me, then put me at ease, etc….So for now, I will stick with every once in a while.

Start with 2 eggs and a zipper bag…..

Yummy fixin’s: Peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and avocado…..

Chop em up…..

Dump the ingredients into the bag. I use a cup to stabilize the bag…..

Gently massage the bag to mix everything together…..


Sprinkle a little cheese and add some avocado…..




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