A sweet treat…Hail Merry!!!

So beautiful, tasty and healthy! FavorSeeking at it’s finest!

Thanks @aglimpsephotography for the beautiful photo! And www.hailmerry.com for a delicious treat!!

Ok, so we are needing a treat and of course one should turn to fruits and veggies…

But…a girl needs her healthy fat for glowing skin, right?! And I’ll take any miracle I can get!

Look at that texture! There was a fight over this baby! The crust was decadent and the filling so rich and creamy! I think weare in trouble!

One piece left and it did not last but a few seconds!!

And all gone!!! So sad.

Back to FlavorSeeking for the other flavors. Tried chocolate and chocolate almond butter. We can’t wait to try the lemon, lime and coconut. Oh and did I mention? They have macaroons too. YUMMY!!!!

Please try them and let us know what you think!!!

Can't wait to hear from you!