Simple combo…

With the yearly increases in tuition, the cost of living continually on the rise and the lack of a lottery win, I am trying to be much more frugal these days. Food is a good place to start but hard to maintain a whole, clean, organic diet on a budget…but it is possible and has become a challenge!

So I pulled out a tried and true in the world of frugal!! PASTA! Although I would not say it is the healthiest (in my opinion) it is considered “clean” and it was organic. So as long as it isn’t every night, a little indulgence is ok. And pasta really is a delicious comfort food!

A forgotten simple and delightful combo perfect for our beautiful spring weather…Pasta and peas!


Add a little EVOO and some aromatic Sicilian lemon rosemary salt (Msgr’s recipe) and you have a delightful spring dish.

Normally I would have made it with a cream sauce, but since everyone in our house, except me has given up dairy due to allergies, we kept it simple. We make a great cauliflower cream sauce, but we used up all the cauliflower for “fauxtatoes”.


So basically…$3 to feed 4 people for dinner was not too bad!!! Ok, 3 people. I gave up wheat for Lent. But again, $3 for 3 people?! Not bad!

PS Loving this weather! However, today is supposed to be in the 90’s. Not quite sure I am ready for that!

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