Grocery shopping…for the Urban Chicks

Scratch and Peck is getting low and time to replenish the chicken feed. We are sticking with organic, but the kind we have now is a scratch version and the girls seem to be waisting a lot. So we are going to slowly convert them to a pellet version and see if that keeps the waste down a bit..and really, I just love a reason to go to this place!

Lots of fruits…one day I will break down and buy the blueberry plant/bush so I can say I have picked blueberries!

Lots of fun gardening items…

I think I will make a wind-chime out of my cookie cutters. Look how cool those look rusted!

No farm/nursery is complete without a wagon!

And cow poop :0) I am going to try and sell my chicken poop…any takers! I hear it is great fertilizer!

Strawberries! So wanted to pick that one!

This reminded me of a cross and these little pottery figurines my mom once got for the girls in Sedona or New Mexico (can’t remember)…

And last but not least, the cat SweetPea fell in love with , yes the one allergic to cats!

Oh yeas, we did get the organic corn/soy free chicken feed…the girls are kind of boycotting it like they did when we switched them from crumble to scratch and peck…so I am hoping they will take to it soon…

2 thoughts on “Grocery shopping…for the Urban Chicks

    • City Farms off of Euclid…great little nursery with some animal and bee keeping things. Also has a really cute cafe. Worth a trip!!!

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