Summer Salad

Once again, too hot to cook. Abandoned our plans for cookies and bacon jam today. So there was no chance we were going to heat up the house with dinner. So our fall back plan on these warm summer nights…A yummy asian shrimp salad.

Last minute, so had to use what we had on hand…Love my lazy-susan.

Shrimp, red peppers, almond slivers, carrots, scallions, fresh organic corn straight from the cob. A little spinach, iceberg and baby romaine. Topped with sesame dressing. Hit the spot!

A scaled down version…

Have we mentioned we are DONE with this heat and are ready for fall?!

And just in time, as fall hits, we will have our pumpkins!

I am so tempted to pick the blossoms and stuff them. Yum!

These leaves are bigger than our heads. Thanks to our neighbor! Otherwise I would have never been able to pull this off on my own.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday eve!

Can't wait to hear from you!