My absolute favorite dish…not really sure why as I am not a fan of adulterated fruit. I love fruit and prefer it in it’s natural state. It used to make me crazy when my mother would add sugar to already beautiful strawberries. I am not a fan of fruit pies or tarts either.

However, there is something so wonderful about this…not sure if it is because this person makes it for me (or I like to think he does). I actually think he likes to see if I can finish a whole one all by myself…I will have you know I am certain I can and think I have on more than one occasion. Or maybe it is the cornmeal?! I do not know, but I LOVE it!

Well, it showed up again last night for dinner, looking so beautiful next to the prime rib.

It was sitting there just calling my name. Out came the cheese board… and what goes better with cheese than pears. So I paired up my pear with some delicious goat cheese. Closest thing to robiolla I have tasted in the states…but that is another whole post :0)

So the the picking began… a pear here, a little crust there and then everyone joined in in the taste test. Notice the crust and some of the pears disappearing…..

To…oh my!! How did that happen?! No we haven’t even carved the prime rib yet!!!

I must admit, I did eat most of it…all by myself. And I loved every bite!

Can't wait to hear from you!