Romertopf and a chill

The first day of Fall and you can feel it! Finally, you can feel the chill in the air and it is wonderful. The light of the day has even changed to that Fall feel.

With that being said, a dear friend of mine was cleaning house and decided to pass on her Romertopf. I couldn’t say no, but now I am feeling a bit guilty….you see I made bread in it. It is beautiful, just look for yourself! Now I feel like I should return it. How can I keep this jewel knowing what it produces.

Dinner tomorrow! Can’t wait to try the recipes for this simple, yet complex clay pot!

Isn’t that a beautiful addition to my kitchen :0)

That crust is thin and delicious. Baked for 30 minutes covered with soaked lid only. Took lid off and broiled on Hi for 2 minutes. Perfect!

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