Technology timeout…

A 9:03 tee time. Nice way to start the day after an early morning walk around the resort and visit to the fitness center…

A swim to cool off…

Our must have Nessy burger for dinner…

A techology timeout to play silly games…

The last lone smore before we end the day at the pool…

Yes! It did get eaten!

What shall we do tomorrow?

Another year at Welk…

Lets start our annual Welk vacation with a martini!

Henderick’s gin, biters, blue cheese stuffed olive and a sprig of rosemary.

On to pu-pus that turned into dinner! Lots of healthy options!

Some fun from the past…a poloroid and the present…an iWatch

And it wouldn’t be Welk without our cookie dough fest!!

Woke up to the wonderful aroma of pancakes, bacon and eggs from backyard chicks!

Next on the agenda…Off to pick up SweetPea from Steubenville, then to the pool!!!

Donut! Ok, more than one…

So the day started off pretty well. A nice hike in the pouring rain…yes, it was pouring. Quite delightful if I do say so! But by 10:30-ish it was back to beautiful ole sunny, blue skied San Diego!

Came home to make a delicious breakfast of poached eggs from Omlett on homemade coconut bread with spinach, tomatoes and swiss cheese. It was delicious!!

All was good until we decided it was time to do something…well that something was to “seek” a wonderful donut. Found some pretty good ones at VG Donuts in Cardiff.

We got maple for the hubby, maple (and a glazed twist) for SweetPea, chocolate for the other SweetPea and buttermilk for me. And because you can’t buy an odd number of donuts, we had to even it out with a 6th one. Yes, another chocolate.. But look, we didn’t eat the whole thing!

Ok, riddle me this?! What is the correct way to spell donut/doughnut?!

And since we were in the area, we had to stop by Beaming…one of our favorite SuperFood places! Got an acai bowl…I know! Not the best thing to wash down a donut, but it was full of healthy fruit AND we split it. So that makes it ok, right?!

Where is your favorite donut spot?

Chocolate treats…

Today was full of chocolate! Lots of chocolate! And a little fruit…

Coconut flour brownies to start. Thanks for the recipe for the brownies!

With a little sea salt to top off that flavor.

A few blueberries and mint to brighten up the picture…and flavor!

But this really was the star of the day!

Awesome job SweetPea!

Really didn’t need a thing. Was delicious, creamy, rich and decadent all on it’s own!

But why not guild the lily?! And top with some whipped cream!

And a sprig of mint…

Or fruit?! Cherries, Strawberries and Blueberries with a sprig of mint!

Guess we loved it :0)

Hmmmm? What shall we make tomorrow? Any suggestions?

Happy 4th of July…

A beautiful start to a wonderful holiday weekend and tradition!

What is a vacation without cocktails and pu-pu’s?!

Matinis, bark thins and pistachios…to start!!!

A happy and safe 4th of July to everyone! Especially our service men and women who fight everyday for our freedom!!

More to come!