Healthy Cake pops

Yum! Coconut (flour) cake pops dipped in dark chocolate! Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Strawberries, blendtec and summer

We love our blendtec….Strawberries and ice. Keeping it simple!




Our friends have honey!!! How cool is that?!

Still no eggs from the girls…5 months???

What?! Really?!

So we get home from dropping Zippy off at his new home to a cockle-doodle-doing Peep!!! Really?! 90/10 is looking more like 50/50. So sad to see our other roo go. Had to take Peep today.

Well at least the other two GIRLS are enjoying their free time in the backyard. We discovered they love greek yogurt :0)

So we are down to 2…Omlet and Sammy (or phammy with a “ph”).

If they happen to cockle-doodle-do, I am done with backyard chickens!!!

PS Zippy was gone so we are assuming she is hangin with the hens in her knew home.

Morning walk…

Post op prep for returning to the mountain/ stairs. A morning walk!!

Hopefully the surgeon will clear me for my old routine.

In the meantime, enjoying some beverages on our morning walk! Half way point…

Dragon fruit…