The downside to backyard chickens…

Well today was a sad day around here. Had to face reality and take Zippy to his new home. We were lucky enough that a feed store had space for him.

His new home….

The SweetPeas saying their goodbyes… :0(

Lets hope the other 3 dont start belting out “cockle-doodle-doos”

Pic Nics…

Couldn’t ask for a better day to have a picnic!!

Peaches were like sugar!

Can you see the monkeys in the tree? Ok so maybe not monkeys :0) SweetPeas!


What an amazing job SweetPea did! Her first real attempt at cake decorating with fondant. So proud of her! >

We’ll show you hawks!!!

So the hawks discovered our girls! Put a rapid end to their free ranging. Well! We are smarter than the average hawk!! Did a little reasearch and came up with a nice little chicken run!!

The girls love it and now actually spend way more time outside!!!

P.S. no comments on our dead grass!!! Thats our next blog :0)


Cupcakes! Cupcakes!
Pure in pb still wins!