Welcome home chick-a-dee

Well, it is official! Welcome the newest members of our family and a fun family project. We didn’t get what we set out to get, but are happy with what we ended up with. We are the proud owners of four 10 day old Ameraucanas. 11 days now :0) Hatched on April 11th, 2014

They appear to be doing well in their little brooder and so far, no one has taken on the “pecker” of the bunch…but we think it will be Zippy!

The first one to the left (lighter grayish brown) is Sammy. The next one going to the right is Zippy, Next to her is Omlet and the yellow chick to the far right is Peep.

They made it through the first night so we are feeling pretty good about our little family adventure :0) Pets for the girls, food for me and Bri.