A birthday trip and cupcakes

O, we found it! The winning cupcake!!

We took a birthday trip to LA to try the Georgetown cupcakes, see the Hollywood sign and shop Rodeo drive…ok, maybe not shop, drool would be a better description of what we did.

Didn’t get a picture of Rodeo…

Back to the cupcakes…Georgetown cupcake wins!!!!!

The flavors were delicious, price right in line with all other cupcake places and we had a blast getting there!!! Our favorite was actually the vegan one. Moist and delicious!!!! Coconut was tied with the chocolate peanut butter.

As you can see, we didn’t like them at all.

We got a dozen with every intention of bringing 4 home for our friends who also watched the series with us…well. that didn’t work out so well. When we got home the frosting had slid off and they just were not fit to give away…so YES!!!! We did manage to eat a dozen cupcakes in one day! Really!!!!!

If you are ever in the area, they are worth trying.

Happy Birthday SweetPea!!!!!

A successful failure

Ok, so my first attempt at dutch babies and I blew it. Milk tends to cause lots of sneezes at our house, so I had the bright idea of swapping for Almond milk…well, didn’t work out so well.

I must admit, although it did not turn out as a dutch baby, it was delicious!

We will be trying this one again!!!

Happy New Year! May the new year hold many blessings for you and your family!