Romertopf and a chill

The first day of Fall and you can feel it! Finally, you can feel the chill in the air and it is wonderful. The light of the day has even changed to that Fall feel.

With that being said, a dear friend of mine was cleaning house and decided to pass on her Romertopf. I couldn’t say no, but now I am feeling a bit guilty….you see I made bread in it. It is beautiful, just look for yourself! Now I feel like I should return it. How can I keep this jewel knowing what it produces.

Dinner tomorrow! Can’t wait to try the recipes for this simple, yet complex clay pot!

Isn’t that a beautiful addition to my kitchen :0)

That crust is thin and delicious. Baked for 30 minutes covered with soaked lid only. Took lid off and broiled on Hi for 2 minutes. Perfect!

Too hot to cook…

It’s almost even too hot too eat!! But lets not get crazy!

SweetPea #1 is very creative and made a very pretty wrap for dinner…yum!

Artisean wrap with greek yogurt, basil, red peppers, lettuce and buffalo mozarella!

Perfect on a hot summer night!!!

Too hot to bake…

Ok, had to share another one! Not sure if you have heard, but it has been miserably hot here in San Diego the last couple weeks and no relief in sight.

However, that does not stop a man from needing (no, not kneading…a little pun :0) bread…so what’s a girl to do?!


CROCK POT!!! It turned out awesome! It didn’t heat up the house and it was delicious. If it wasn’t so hot I might have stuck it under the broiler for a little crispier crust, but all things considered…I was pretty darn impressed.

Here is the dough going into parchment lined crock pot…

Here is the finished product just out of crock pot…

Here is the bread being enjoyed…

I only made half a loaf (9 grain). The girls used the other half for pizza.

Another Hot One..

Boy was it hot this weekend…so the girls decided tomake Strawberry granita.

No ovens required!! It was a very refreshing treat.

Then we were invited to a clam bake. Delicious lobster, shrimp, clams, wine and great company. Thanks for sharing.

Steamed and ready to be cleaned…

We were very lucky to have a skilled bug cracker :0) He did it in record time, seriously!!

All the cleaned bugs…ready to devour

And that didn’t take us long…cleaned our plate…including clams, shrimp and all the other clam bake fixins!

This weather has to break soon!