Dinner Al Fresco

What a beautiful eve! Had dinner al fresco to enjoy the last few days of summer vacation…

Bison burgers with grilled veggies and baked fries!

2nd Annual National Root Beer Float Day!

Well another year has come and gone! The wonderful thing about August, National Root Beer Float Day!!! Yum!!!

It snuck up on is this year so we didn’t have time to plan a big get together, but they were yummy just the same!!

One for each of the Sweetpeas and one for dad!!

Until next August!!!

Pick and choose….

These were pretty darn good. The best part is you get to pick your cupcake flavor then they frost it with your choice of frosting and top with your choice of toppings!!

Chocolate with chocolate frosting and grahm cracker crumbs.

Key lime with cream cheese frosting and pink sprinkles

They also have frosting shots!! How cool is that (sorry dug in before we got a pic).

Vanilla buttercream frosting layered with graham cracker crumbs then another layer of cream cheese frosting topped with oreo crumbs..YUM

And last but not least, a push pop :0)

Vanilla cake layered with keylime frosting, pink sprinkles and then another layer of keylime cake, frosting and pink sprinkles!! Well worth the trip to Carlsbad.

Until our next sweet flavorseeking treat….