Ok, so we are not picky this summer! First macaroons, then eclair and creme brulee. On to ice cream sandwiches and then DONUTS!!

Apple fritter (as big as your head), red velvet and yes! Creme Brulee…

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Our new favorite dessert!

Ok ice cream sandwiches are pretty darn cream, cookies…up there for being two of the best things you can indulge in. And then you put them together?! Yum!!

Well to take that one step farther, we discovered the BEST ice cream sandwiches ever…and I think our new favorite dessert place (until we discover the next :0)

Home made cookies…pick any two flavors or two of the same. There were so many choices. Then if that wasn’t enough, you get to pick the flavor of ice cream to sandwichnin the middle of the two gooey cookies!!


So here were our choices..none disappointing!!

Brownie, cookie dough ice cream and chocolate chip cookie on the bottom…mmmm

Snickerdoodle, cookie dough ice cream and funfetti cookie on the bottom….mmmmm again!

Last but not least, white chocolate macademia nut cookie, vanilla ice cream and brownie on the bottom.

Oh my gosh! We are going back!!! SOON!!!

Feeling good…

Yesterday started with a beautiful sunrise hike up the mountain…

Moved on to yoga atop Mt. Helix…

Then finished off the day with a sunset at the beach!

Gotta love summer and San Diego!!!

Macaroons Dessert…ed

Ok, we have moved on to dessert instead of macaroons…started out in Del Mar looking for macaroons but we were swayed by all the other delicious desserts!!!

Creme Brulee and Eclair… Yum! But ours are better!!!

I think we are done with our macaroon hunt….


Figs! Oh how I love figs! One of the best things of summer is the wonderful sight of figs! On our tree, in the store on menus…They are not only wonderful to eat, but just as beautiful to look at.

Off to find a fig macaroon..ok, don’t think I can talk the girls into fig flavored…