Roses and Macarons

ok, so we headed for the Zoo…way too crowded! So we ended up in the park to stop and smell the roses. Reminded me of my mom!

So after an unplanned stop at Whole Foods for lunch…

We turned the corner and low and behold!! Macarons, lots of macarons! Lots of flavors!

We ended up with Chocolate BloodOrange and GreenApple. Delicious!

We have decided, Seaport had the best texture but WF’s had the best flavors.

There you have it! Enjoy your day!!!


A macaron (French pronunciation: ​[makaˈʁɔ̃][1]) is a sweet meringue-based confection made with eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring.

The macaron is commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two Bicuits. The name is derived from the Italian word macarone,maccarone or maccherone, the Italian meringue. (wikipedia)

The FRENCH MACARON is what we decided to seek this summer…

This was our first stop…Seaport Village on a beautiful day after our picnic. So far our favorite macaron! We tried the

Lavender Honey…

Yes we deviated a little for one of our favs! Instead of a macaron for each SweetPea, one tried a cupcake. Vanilla Bean…It too was delicious.

This was our second stop…we tried a few more flavors than normal because they were on sale (day old) for a $1 each. We tried green tea (tasted a little like grass), salted carmel, hazelnut, chocolate, pistachio and french vanilla. I think we all agreed the Chocolate or Vanilla was the best from this place. We also had the added benefit of having Dad meet us for the taste test. A nice afternoon! But not our favorite macarons….

I think our next stop will be OB, but there are so many choices there we need to narrow it down. Hillcrest after that speaking of too many choices :0)

Enjoy this beautiful weather (before it gets tooooooo hot!)

Summer picnic at the bay

A quick trip to the farmer’s market for strawberries and sunflowers….

And then to the bay for a picnic….

Guess who this belongs to….

What a beautiful day!!

Beautiful bread

No words needed!!

Our best loaf yet! Just like Europe!!!

Ice Cream and a Science lesson to kick off Summer 2013

ok, we did not start out seeking the best ice cream…or funnest ice cream for that matter (don’t think that is proper grammar, but it is the summer after all). But had to share this one. How fun is this?! Ice cream made right in front of you. They take a liquid base of your choice, a flavor (or multiple), the mix ins and shoot it with Nitrogen…voila, ice cream. So not only did we get great ice cream, we had a little science experiment to go with it…kind of like summer school :0) I think there are a few of these places around now but the one we went to was Sub-Zero. Amazing staff, clean location and great ice cream. Gotta do it at least once :0) SweetPeas loved it!!!

Darn it! No pictures!