Ci vediamo!!

Well after our wonderful day in Amalfi and our visit to the giardini..we ventured out for the lighting of the city and our final Italian meal…until next time that is.

We were a few minutes late to the lighting because of a little impromptu happy hour compliments of Kim.

It doesn’t translate in pictures but the small town charm was warm and inviting.

Off to dinner…again an over abundance of food. Everything was delicious!!

Antipasti for the table…

A little bit of everything!!!

All the meals….


We were too full to go to the infamous gelato store (Pope had gelato there).

We did however have a wonderful time dancing in the streets and saying our “until we meet agains” to all our new friends!

Thank you for joining us on our Italian culinary flavor seeking :0)

Until our next journey!!

Amalfi….our last day

Bitter sweet! Our last journey before departing for home. Such a beautiful country, kind people and amazing food.

We have been kissed by the sun every step of this amazing journey. Rain has cleared our path and made everything so crisp and clean. We could not have planned better if we tried!!!

What a beautiful coastline!

A great little pepper/fruit stand along the way.The owner crowned little sweetpea the “Pepper Queen”.

Just another beautiful local church.

My favorite part of the Amalfi trip… If you look closely you will see that the rock is shaped like the Blessed Virgin Mary holding flowers.

And of course we had to have lunch. Another rather large lunch. Did not see any heavy Italians…except for the much older women…kind of the stereotypical mama mia :0)


Hmmmm?! Pasta bianco!

My salad! Loved the simplicity of the salads.

I thought I was getting cioppino….not what I was expecting but it was delicious and it was entertaining watching the girls squirm :0)

Gnocci! Always a favorite and always delicious!

Spaghetti alla vongole…clams


Steak…course #2 after canelonni

Fried seafood after the spaghetti.

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads :0)

Ok we have a winner! The gelato in Amalfi wins! Not only was it the prettiest, it was the best :0) even squirted nutella over the nutella scoop! And stuck our toes in the Mediteranean as we enjoyed our final gelato.

Well now we return to Sorrento to pack, watch the tree / town lighting and our final italian meal :0)

Cafe en Sorrento

Off to the amalfi coast…but not before our cafe!! We have a late departure time this morning so I actually had time to have my cafe on our balcony!!!

We are so excited…we get to see the lighting of the Town Christmas tree and all the streets. Then they will have all kinds of festivities! What a wonderful thing to experience!


Thanksgiving feast – Sorrento

After a wonderful day in Capri and shopping in Sorrento we went for our farewell meal and Thanksgiving feast.

Did I memtion I will be doing a few week medifast refresher after this indulgent trip?

Antipasti…grilled verdure and proscuitto. Bread!!!!

Pasta… Again….”should” stop here!

Pollo…I promise you, it tasted better than it looked!

Cod… Back to that “simplicity” thing! So simple yet so delicious!!! Cod, olives, capers and tomatoes.

Dessert…was “ok” compared to everything else we have had!


The harbor at the enterance to the ristorante!

Another ristorante along the way back to the car.

Another nutella party!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! So very blessed!! Did I mention that?!

Tomorrow we get to sleep in and then head for our final tour along the Amalfi coast! I am hoping for some good shopping…so far that has been lacking :0(


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ok again…very hard to decide what pictures to post. This is so incredibly beautiful!!! Here is the harbor/ferry for our trip over to Capri from Sorrento.

This region is known for it’s lemon…lemon chocolate, limoncello, lemon scented items….


Great little restaurant and very friendly chef….he let me photo his kitchen.

The pizza oven!

Here is lunch…ravioli

Grilled cod….and the amazing bread!


My favorite! Affogato! Espresso over gelato.

After lunch we went down to Capri….didn’t think it could get any prettier!!!

What a wonderful day!! So blessed!

Sorrento dinner

Had a welcome dinner at the “Center Hotel” on Corso Italia in Sorrento…..

Family owned hotel. The staff is so kind and welcoming.

Our pre-appetizer appetizer… Nutella and pretzels….

We started with an appetizer…

Fennel crackers, then fried mozzarella, fried olive ans sausage, a puff pastry with ham and ricitta and another fried ricotta and nit sure. All were good.

Then moved on to canelloni. It was amazing and would have been enough to stop there!!

The main course..pork or swordfish. Both delicious!

And of course, dolci!! Chocolate cake :0) was good but could have used a splash if liquor….

Then we finished off the night with a nutella party…1extra large nutella and 9 spoons :0)


Here is our trip to Pompei….

Just amazing! Yet the same concepts as today.

A fast food restaurant….

The outer wall of the city….

Not part of Ancient pompei but modern Naples pizza oven. I am sure from the ancient people… made our lunch.

Pizza is slightly thicker the farther south you go. But still delicious!!!!

Our last night in Roma

The underground tour was amazing but no pictures allowed. Walked down through centuries of civilization. Saw 2000 year old trash…not quite like one of our landfills.

And here is our final meal…see if you can guess what belongs to who :0)

Papa’s pasta e pesce

Insalata for papa and me…

Pizza margherita for sweetpea…


Delicious bread!!!

Mine….Pollo e verdure

Vitello (veal) e fungi (mushroom) e patate for Brian

I had to find this!! When I lived here 20 some odd years ago I
had this and have tried ever since to find it at home or on line!! It is just as wonderful as I remember. Similar to goat cheese but an almost sweetness to it. I ate almost all of it :0(. Robiola!!!

Our departure of Roma…the Southern gates..

On our way to Pompei and then on to Sorrento…