Well Halloween is upon us and we are baking cakes for the school Halloween carnival.  Spooky times tomorrow…

First is the beginning of a “Glam Zom”bie costume…

On to yummier things. Here are the cakes the Sweetpeas made for the carnival….


Remember, you do NOT have to eat the candy in front of you!!!!   I always buy candy that I don’t like. That way I am not tempted to eat any of it…It has worked for the last few years. Then after Halloween, we donate all of our candy to a charity that takes it to Mexico…no temptations. With Thanksgiving and Christmas so close, I would hate to blow it on this stuff!

Enjoy and be safe!



I saw this idea about a year ago. I would say it was on Pinterest but I just found Pinterest this summer.  So unfortunately, I can not give the original site credit. However, I have seen this on quite a few sites now.  A 13 minute omelet?! How wonderful is that?

I must say it is really easy! Really tasty! And way less mess. Only issue “I” have had is that there is too much liquid. Don’t seem to see that as a problem in any of the comments. My guess is it is the ingredients I used (spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes). Yes I know! All have a high liquid content. Go figure.

I think I would make these everyday if it weren’t for the uncertainty of the heated plastic.  Every once in a while I am ok, but every day makes me a little nervous.  I have read quite a few studies and some worry me, then the others put me to ease, then they worry me, then put me at ease, etc….So for now, I will stick with every once in a while.

Start with 2 eggs and a zipper bag…..

Yummy fixin’s: Peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and avocado…..

Chop em up…..

Dump the ingredients into the bag. I use a cup to stabilize the bag…..

Gently massage the bag to mix everything together…..


Sprinkle a little cheese and add some avocado…..




A fun citrus breakfast

Came across this on my favorite black-hole, Pinterest!!! Oh you KNOW what I am talking about!! You all do it :0) I spend way too much time on that darn thing but we really do find some cool ideas and recipes.

And maybe this one is a little more cinnamon roll than citrus, but makes me feel better to refer to it as a healthier “most important meal of the day”.

This one was a lot of fun. And although I rarely buy anything with any kind of trans fat, this one was just too much fun to pass up and I was too lazy to make them from scratch. This was from a camping site.  We don’t camp, but no reason why we couldn’t do this one in the kitchen.

The best part was we used oranges from our back yard that we have totally ignored this year because they have been so tart the last few years. Well, turns out this batch is the sweetest we have ever had. Not only are they the sweetest our tree has produced, they are some of the sweetest we have ever had. Like drinking pure sugar. Delicious!

The cinnamon rolls were pretty darn good as well.  I owe credit for the idea to: http://www.trulysimple.com/2010/06/orange-rolls-cooked-orange/

Thanks for the great idea and a fun Saturday morning.

First you cut the oranges in half, hallow them out.  Yes, save the pulp and eat it, drink it or use it in another recipe…..

Stuff the rind with a cinnamon roll…..


Bake as package suggests…..

Frost and eat!


Cake batter pancakes

Our youngest Sweetpea just turned 10.  Wow time flies! What an amazing young lady she is turning into.

Sweet notes from big sis…

She requested cake batter pancakes for her B-day breakfast…they turned out pretty good.

Used the good ole Bisquick pancake recipe and added a cup of yellow cake mix.  A few sprinkles to brighten things up and voila!

And guess what her dinner choice was?!  She could have ANYTHING she wanted or go ANYWHERE she wanted…she chose plain pasta with Olive Oil at home. And her cake…plain yellow cake, no frosting :0)  Gotta love her!

Who doesn’t love flowers?!

Got these at one of the farmer’s markets.  Sunflowers are my favorite. They just brighten up a room and make you smile!


Some gelato to top off the day :0)  This has become a tradition the week before school starts :0)


Who wouldn’t have fun doing this?!

Well it has been awhile and we got so caught up in life,  we haven’t done such a great job at keeping our blog up to date…

Well, remember those beautiful grapes at my dads? No, not the small non producing vine (or stick I should say) at our house..

Guess what we are getting ready to do?

That’s a lot of grapes!

Well we had a grape stomping session this summer. Sorry, a little late posting :0)  But it was SO MUCH FUN!!

So pretty!

Would have liked to make some wine, but after seeing the girl’s feet in there…I was thinking we will just stick with J. Lohr :0)

The girls having a blast!!




Pear and Manouri Quesadilla

Another hot night…not willing to turn on the oven so we had to be creative.  Sweetpea #1 came up with this. How delicious.

It starts with a red pear…   

Then a tortilla and some mixed cheese 

Then add your pear and some Manouri cheese

Last but not least, add some pine nuts.  The flavors all worked so well together.

As a side note, you must try this cheese. We got it at a local farmer’s market from the cutest old Greek man.  It is a type of goat cheese but reminds me of Robilla I had in Florence. It is so worth it if you can find it.