National Root Beer Float Day – Aug 6th

How many of you celebrated this wonderful day?!  The weather was perfect..Just hot enough to enjoy an icy cold root beer float.  Join us next year!! August 6th.

Don’t forget, August 31st is National Dine Outside day!  My favorite…Al Fresco :0)



It is the only way I can get the hubby to join me for sushi…Hey, whatever works! He loves the stuff so we went and got a Sake set. Now we can enjoy at home. Kind of pretty, huh?!  Got it at one of the Asian markets in Kearny Mesa for $7.99. Couldn’t pass up that deal.

And here is the taste test. I personally like the black bottle :0) I know nothing about Sake so my best guess is based on the beauty of the bottle. 


If anyone has a suggestion on what Sake to try, let us know. And do you prefer it served warm or cold?